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Distributors and Dealers Can Not be European Authorized Representative

European Authorised Representative or European Authorized Representative refers to a company specifically designated by overseas manufacturers in the EEA (including EU and EFTA). The company must register formally according to company regulation in EU country. The company performs specific duties according to EU related instructions and laws.

1. An European authorized representative, is the authorized representative of  non- EU manufacturers in the EU+ EFTA  (within the territory of 28 member country in all)that specially dealing with relevant CE matters and representing manufacturers to deal with European government and institutions.

It seems as you need a lawyer in court. The European authorized representative usually does not involves the sale services of product should be generally done by importers or distributors. Many importers or distributors skill in marketing and sales, but do not familiar or willing to involve complicated CE and legal problems.

2. Products manufacturers must print the information such as name, address of the European authorized representative on the packaging or labels of products that sale to EU market, so that the governments and institutions of 28 countries in Europe can directly contact with the European authorized representative.

3. According to EU law requires: a non- EU manufacturers within Europe 28 countries can only have one European authorized representative, but can have many distributors or sale agents. If the products appear problems in European 28 countries market, all the governments and institutions of European 28 countries directly contact with the European authorized representative. Therefore we can not confuse European authorized representative with numerous distributors.

4. The main focus of sellers is the sales or marketing of products, not dealing with your CE affairs.

Please consider: Can distributors grasp laws and regulations change of latest and influence your product in the first time? And timely feedback to you?

5. If CE supervision/the competent authorities questioned/enquiry the serious accidents caused by product sales system, will your sellers protect his company or your company? Products once have problems, even a small problem cause complaints, it will produce concatenate adverse reaction in the numerous distributors and make them lose confidence of products. Only your independent European authorized representative – The company like Lotus Global will maintain your real benefit!

6. Would you want the neutral company not participating in marketing activities within EU to keep the technical files for you, or the distributors of the same trade once to be your competitors within EU to keep the technical files for you ?

7. If you have many distributors within Europe 30 countries in the future, but the EU law only allows you to have one European authorized representative, would you like to appoint one of them to be your only European authorized representative, and offend all other distributors?

8. To the profit of the manufacturers, most manufacturers are willing to choose the professional, uninvolved distribution activities, neutral European authorized representative company - Lotus Global is your best choice.


1. Solo person has no business license of formal company can not be European authorized representative!

2. Avoid letting relatives and friends studying or working part-time in EU to be European authorized representative!